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Since 2016 I have been growing my unique, funny, LGBTQ greeting card and art company in Vancouver, Canada. My art can be seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Netflix. What began on the floor in the corner of my living room has now become a thriving small business (with an actual desk!) The business began as an extension of a blog I started when I came out in 2014. The blog became very popular with over 100,000 views in a year and a cathartic way for me to connect to the LGBTQ community that I was a new part of. My blog website is and here is the address for one of my favourite blog stories My original small business website is  After several years of blogging, I transformed many of my funniest blog quotes into greeting cards such as, “I want to whisper sexy things in your ear. Like “grilled cheese”. My product range now includes posters of my art, whimsical wrapping paper, t-shirts, cards, sassy cups, Christmas ornaments, a children’s book which I wrote and illustrated, and so so much more! The children’s book is about a little girl who has two Moms. The girl dreams of being a superhero and discovers she can be an everyday superhero through acts of kindness. Community is important and I take my business to pride parades, dyke marches, LGBTQ wedding shows, and other artisan events. 

 I went to school in Los Angeles at The Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandizing and was a fashion designer for large companies for almost ten years. Currently I am a costumer in the film industry. This job allows me the schedule flexibility to spend a lot of time on my business as it grows. I spend almost all my spare time working on my business because I absolutely love it. My favourite time to do art is 1am and many of my favourite and best selling pieces came to fruition this way. I am always writing down funny thoughts for cards (thank gosh for the iPhone "notes" app!)

 My ambition with my cards and art is to bring laughter and happiness to people of all kinds. The best part of having my small business is the emails from customers telling me how they see themselves in my drawings and that human connection is what life is really about. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my store💕 


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