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1/1 Leather Monster Wallet Blue
1/1 Leather Monster Wallet Blue

1/1 Leather Monster Wallet Blue

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1/1 Handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

About the leather: 

Bovine raw hides left from the human meat consumption from France and North Europe, which would’ve otherwise been a discarded-by product is given a new value through the tanning process in Tuscany, Italy, by Conceria Puccini Attilio.



Tahnee Trousdell is a local queer artist from Vancouver, British Columbia. It was during her involvement in the production of "The Fall of the House of Usher" that she was introduced to the fundamentals of leather working, thereby kindling a passion for both the craft and the art of design.

Subsequent to the film strike of 2023, Tahnee found herself with an opportune hiatus, affording her the invaluable time to delve deeper into the intricacies of leather working and refine her proficiency in product design. Her dedication to honing her skills during this period reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and artistic development.

Drawing inspiration from the tapestry of everyday experiences, Tahnee demonstrates an innate ability to infuse her designs with a distinctive flair that transcends conventional norms. Her penchant for the extraordinary is palpable in each creation, marking her as a noteworthy upcoming artist with a unique perspective on leather working and design.